After more than three years from 2009 album "Ritualistic Plague (Evangelical Death Apotheosis)" Polish death worshippers STRANDHOGG are back with brand new songs. This time it's 7” EP entitled “Deadborn Spirit (Limbus Infantum)” and consists of one, monstrous title track divided in two parts.

The band still delivers cavernous and extremely violent in execution, death worshipping black metal in its heaviest form. It is absolutely shredding, it is powerful and sounds extremely Evil. It’s grim as funeral bell, black as Grim Reaper cloak - simply an unrelenting Black Metal assault that every fan of the genre should look up.

Available exclusively on vinyl (limited to 500 copies in thick gatefold sleeve).


  • Pagan Records
Strandhogg Deadrborn Spirit Limbus Infantum